La Salgar

 Michelin Star

 Repsol Sun

Welcome to La Salgar, the Gastronomic Restaurant by Chefs Esther and Nacho Manzano together with their sister, Maitre Sandra Manzano. The restaurant enjoys a priviledged location in the centre of Gijón and it is awarded with one Michelin Star and one Repsol Sun.

La Salgar opens in 2004 to bring the cuisine of Chefs Esther and Nacho Manzano closer to the centre of Asturias. The name of the restaurant is a homage to the hamlet where the siblings were born and where later on they have opened their first restaurant, Casa marcial, awarded with two Michelin Star and three Repsol Sun.

The restaurant is located at the heart of the city of Gijon looking at the the unique surroundings of the “Pueblo de Asturias Folk Museum”. It offers a sophisticated and urban dining room, enchanting views to the Asturian etnography of the Museum and a traditional but modern cuisine that will make your visit a great experience.


La Salgar is run by Chef Esther Manzano who was also honored with the Award of “Guisandera de Oro” for respecting and safeguarding the legacy and the traditional recipes of Asturias.

The honest cuisine of Esther Manzano is based in top local quality product and the respect of tradition, perfectly combinated with innovative creations that she develops together with his brother Nacho Manzano, designing together a menú with plenty of nuances and surprises.

In La Salgar you will try a gastronomy of Asturian roots with depth and technique. In the menú you will find some of the House´s signature dishes such as the popular Esther´s croquettes, considered by the food critics one of the best in Spain; the Wild Chicken with Rice, the Asturian Faba Bean Stew or the freshest fish and seafood. But there is room for another kind of more creative and evolved dishes and also for some of the historic or more demanded dishes or Casa Marcial.